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Because I’m just dumb: PHPPgAdmin is a web-based Postgres admin app

Posted on | February 28, 2010 | No Comments

I’ve long been a fan of phpMyAdmin, the oft used web based manager for my sql. Literally it typically gets installed as soon as mysql does on a new box, because i hate almost all of the gui tools and some things are just quicker from a graphical interface (like inserting rows into a table that i can’t remember what the columns are…).

Well, I’m trying to switch to Postgres for some of my work. The future of the MySql project seems to be up in the air a little bit because of Oracle’s recent acquisition of Sun, and postgres has some features that i’d love to make use of (most importantly the postGIS extensions). That, and I’d love to expand my knowledge of DB stuff, so why not learn postgres?

Well, I spent a ton more time than I should have tracking down that the postgres version of mysql was called phppgadmin. PG is apparently the shorthand abbreviation for postgres.

[1] PostgreSQL
[2] PhpPGAdmin
[3] Apt-install: PHPPgAdmin


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