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To go public… or not.

Posted on | December 14, 2010 | No Comments

So, i’m sitting at a crossroads: What to do with my twitter account? Currently it’s a place where I can pontificate and joke with my close friends and followers. Everyone loves a party line! However, why talk on the Internet if you are not looking to attract an audience?

I realized the other day when I advertised my favorite WebDev Advent Calendar [24ways.org] on twitter. No one who follows me cares! So what good is pontificating, complaining, and educating the masses if the masses can’t see. So, with that, i’m off to decide what to do with my twitter account. Do I just open it up and hope I don’t say anything stupid (no “posion” incidents)? Do I create another account to keep my professional life different from my personal life?

In reality, I want both of my lives to be the same. You get me all the time, good or bad. But once it goes out, it’s tough bringing it back. So I take a pause and debate.

Any thoughts?


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