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Ubuntu: Video skipping and Display Performance

At Home, my primary computer is a somewhat underpowered Dell Inspiron 530, running Ubuntu 9.10. Along with the low power processor and INTEL onboard video, rendering is often a bottleneck. Because of that, I’m always looking to improve my Display performance. While searching through Lifehacker one day, I found a great article about setting the […]

Easily install apt packages from web links

Did you know that you can easily create a link that will install or update a package for your apt based system? It’s easy with APT-URL! The syntax is simple, just apt:{package-name}, and your ubuntu, android, or debian system should try and grab the package. Makes it really easy when documenting package information online. References: […]

Looking at bad API decisions: Openlayers toString & fromString

From time to time, I come across little “bits of aggravation” from various websites, libraries, or technology vendors that make me want to pull my hair out. I’ll spend days or weeks working my way through them, only to realize at the end “If someone had just published this little nuance in bold letters before […]

Removing that pesky pomegranate stain

…I set out to remove this pomegranate (man that’s tough to spell) stain from the shirt. Turns out, it was next to simple…Here is what I did:

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