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Managing, Updating PRs on GitHub

If you maintain anĀ open source project, you’ve probably experienced having to manage out of date forks/PRs that you don’t have write access to. Luckily, there’s a trick to that:   ## updating forks/prs locally git pull origin gh-pages git fetch origin pull/{}/head:pr-{} git checkout pr-{} git pull origin pull/{}/head git merge gh-pages git checkout gh-pages […]

Virtualbox: Mounting shared folders in a Linux guest

Ever had trouble getting

Manage Oracle applications without using the oracle user for Linux

Oracle Express Edition is available for linux (x86 architecture) and pretty darn awesome. What better to have on your development *Nix box than a somewhat true to production dbms system as well? I clearly use postgres and mysql as much as the next guy, but when doing things for my day job, Oracle still rules […]

Because I’m just dumb: PHPPgAdmin is a web-based Postgres admin app

I’ve long been a fan of phpMyAdmin, the oft used web based manager for my sql. Literally it typically gets installed as soon as mysql does on a new box, because i hate almost all of the gui tools and some things are just quicker from a graphical interface (like inserting rows into a table […]

Looking at bad API decisions: Openlayers toString & fromString

From time to time, I come across little “bits of aggravation” from various websites, libraries, or technology vendors that make me want to pull my hair out. I’ll spend days or weeks working my way through them, only to realize at the end “If someone had just published this little nuance in bold letters before […]

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