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Windows XP ate my printer

Weird issue arose today while helping my parents try to fix a computer problem. They have a lovely HP Laserjet 1012 printer that is just the Bees Knees in terms of their printing needs. Well, this issue isn’t the printer, it’s windows (Shocking, I know!). The issue: Every 10 seconds, Windows is kind enough to […]

Virtual Box Fail: Or why was this so darn hard to figure out?

The setup: Had a VMWare Virtual Machine. Windows 2003, R2 to be exact. It was all nice and pretty, ran in VMWare just fine. The issue? Virtual Box [http://www.virtualbox.org] is my Virtualization platform of choice. It runs on almost all platforms (Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac), has both closed and open source versions, and contains […]

Ubuntu: Video skipping and Display Performance

At Home, my primary computer is a somewhat underpowered Dell Inspiron 530, running Ubuntu 9.10. Along with the low power processor and INTEL onboard video, rendering is often a bottleneck. Because of that, I’m always looking to improve my Display performance. While searching through Lifehacker one day, I found a great article about setting the […]

Easily install apt packages from web links

Did you know that you can easily create a link that will install or update a package for your apt based system? It’s easy with APT-URL! The syntax is simple, just apt:{package-name}, and your ubuntu, android, or debian system should try and grab the package. Makes it really easy when documenting package information online. References: […]

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